Simbeque Project arises from a studying combo between teachers and students of the Sociocultural Association Mousikê. The idea of this project, led by the guitarist from Tenerife, Miguel Manescau, who is also president of the Association, is a reinterpretation of the canarian folklore in a more contemporary line, closer to the philosophy of Mousikê.


First album of Miguel Manescau as leader, where we can find a huge variety of styles, in which is resumed his musical life till now.

Common time

Fifth album of this jazz fusion band, where the progressive jazz appears in all songs in a powerful and blunt way. This album modifies substantially this band’s musical concept.

Un minuto entre amigos

Tribute album to one of the best voices of the canary music Manuel Luis Medina “Minuto”, in which I participate with Beatriz Alonso Quartet and most of the most representative bands in the Canaries. It was a great honor to participate in this production.

Viaje de ida y vuelta

Amazing album of the cuban percussionist Javier Rodriguez, where I can remark the afrocuban percusion plus the fantastic job as vibraphonist of this musician. It was a great honor to work in this job.

Entre dos

This duo formed by the pianist and singer Satomi Morimoto and the cuban singer Virginia Guantanamera shows perfectly the concept of fusion, including a lot of lifelong boleros with a totally different language.

Villegas 10

This work recorded between Tenerife (By Jonas Superstereo) and Cuba (PM records, Pablo Milanes studies) is a very fresh and original view of everytime classics using another more actual language, having the good fortune of having excellent collaborations like Cesar Portillo de la Luz, Cesar Lopez, Pancho Amat, Pavel Urquiza.

Con B de Bolero

Beatriz Alonso Quartet performs a research and tribute to Cuban and Mexican boleros and more specifically to the style of feeling in the album “Con B de Bolero” published in 2010, where Miguel Manescau provides music production, arranging and recording all the guitars.

Choro Chobule

Eight years and six months

This is the first work of this guitar duo formed by Yeray Afonso and Miguel Manescau. On this album you can taste a little of all the influences that this duo has, with special emphasis on swing and gypsy jazz.

Henna Hito Trio

Is the name of the trio formed by Miguel Manescau, Tomás LP Cruz and Sergio Díaz and also gives its name to the first album released in 2008. The jazz rock is the main line of this project but always revealing other important influences for this trio as the bossa nova, bebop and many others.


The second album from this trio was performed in 2010. It is an album where they consolidated the their format with a very personal sound and daring compositions, without losing the line of jazz rock that characterizes them. On this album Miguel Manescau also makes musical production tasks, arrangements and recording all the guitars.

Un flaco favor

That is the first record of the Latin Jazz group led by Miguel Manescau, published in 2007. You will heard different themes ranging from the purest latin jazz with more dyes funk, bossa, etc … Miguel Manescau is responsible in this case for music production and arrangements with Quique Perez and recording all guitars.

Once mensajes en una botella

The second edition of this great work of Jonah Superstereo was made in 2010. That work mixes works of several authors canaries from different disciplines (music, literature and illustration) and Miguel Manescau provides the composition of the song “Sifaw”.

ST Fusion 3

The third disc of St Fusion acquires a much more pronounced identity directed towards jazz fusion, rewarded bet with the award for best jazz album of Spain in 2010 UFI awards. In this paper Manescau Miguel collaborates with the arrangements, composing and recording all the guitars.


In 2007 comes to light the second album of Fusion ST, an album where jazz fusion can be seen between the roots of traditional Japanese music. Miguel Manescau collaborates with recording electric guitars.


In 2011, because of the prize awarded for best jazz album of Spain in UFI awards 2010, St Fusion decides to release a compilation of 19 songs in which you can hear the highlight of this band along its trajectory.

Projeto Brasileiro

This fantastic work carried out by the producer and bassist Tomas LP Cruz was released in 2011 and Miguel Manescau has the honor of recording his guitars sharing this album with great artist like Milton Nascimento, Joyce, Chico Pinheiro, Marcos Suzano, Roberto Menescal, etc..


On this album where the songwriting is fused with many other styles and was recorded in 2002 by Alberto de Paz. Miguel Manescau made the arrangements and recorded all the guitars.

Concha Elena – Way home

Canta a latinoamerica

The Tenerife Chamber Choir under the direction of Carmen Cruz Simo pays tribute to Latin American music being recorded in 2007. Miguel Manescau records Spanish guitars.